Alliant Credit Union bonus offer worth up to $300 for existing members and $400 for new members

With Alliant’s new Fast Pass promotion members will receive $100 for opening a new savings account, $100 for opening a new checking account, and $100 for opening a new Certificate of Deposit (CD). Members can also earn an additional $100 by depositing a combined minimum of $10,000 across their checking, savings, and/or CD accounts by March 31, 2023 and maintaining that increased balance until April 30, 2023.


The bonus for each account is only available if the member doesn’t currently have a like account open. For instance, a member with an existing checking and savings account cannot open a checking account to obtain the $100 bonus for the checking account opening. The member would only qualify for the CD bonus and the $10,000 deposit bonus, bringing their total to $200.


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