Apple’s Tracker Detect app helps Android users determine if they’re being stalked

The app is Apple’s response to reports of its Apple AirTag being used to stalk people.



The small tracking devices launched by Apple in April of 2021 were designed to help Apple users track their own property. However, some users with malicious intent have armed unsuspecting people, their vehicles, clothes, and other belongings with the GPS devices and secretly monitored their locations.



Apple’s remedy for  iPhone users includes providing a phone notification if Apple detects that the person is traveling with an AirTag that doesn’t belong to them. AirTags will also make noise after they’ve been separated from their owners for 8 to 24 hours.



Android owners can access Apple’s Tracker Detect app to find out if an AirTag is being used near them. The app can be installed directly from the Google Play store on Android devices, or the install can be initiated by visiting the desktop Google Play page (


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