Citi now allows customers to easily view promotional offers to access their credit limit as cash

Prior to its new “Access Available Credit” link, Citi customers would need to navigate to different pages to see any available Flex Loan and balance transfer (BT) offers.


Now, customers can quickly view all of their cash access offers in one place. By clicking the “Access Available Credit” link located beneath the current balance in the credit card tile, you’ll be presented with Flex Loan offers, balance transfer offers, and the link to request a credit limit increase (CLI). 


The presence of the credit limit increase link does not mean that you qualify for a credit limit increase. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the trouble of filling out the CLI request form to find out if you qualify for a CLI. Citi’s credit limit increase page still lets you know when you last received a credit limit increase and the date that you can request another one.


The most useful section of the new pop-up window is the balance transfer offers. If you have an available balance transfer offer, it will be displayed. If you don’t have an offer, you will see the message, “You don’t have any Balance Transfer offers available for this card.” So, you won’t have to deal with phantom balance transfer offers from Citi.


If you’re not familiar with Citi’s Flex Loan, they’re essentially a hybrid of a cash advance and an installment loan. There’s no credit check or fees (aside from interest) when taking out a Citi Flex Loan, and the payments and APR are fixed throughout the duration of the loan. More information can be found here or by using the search feature on


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