Digital Federal Credit Union announces outages as it prepares for new platform

Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) has alerted members that certain money services will be unavailable as it prepares for the rollout of its new customer portal. Notifications were sent via email and can also be accessed in the inbox of the current member portal and on a dedicated page on DCU’s site.



What DCU anticipates

Internal transfers will work as normal during the transition to the new platform.



The outages appear to only affect users’ ability to set up new payments and transfers during the designated downtime. DCU members will be impacted as early as three days from today, on 02/25/2022, which is when DCU’s bill payment service will be shut off at 4 p.m. ET. The bill payment service is expected to become available again on 03/07/2022.



Other affected services include Scheduled Recurring Transfers, Cash Edge, People Pay (P2P), and Payment Center, which will become unavailable at some point on 03/03/2022 and available again on 03/07/2022. 



Our guidance

If you’re a DCU member and are planning to transfer funds or pay bills through DCU over the next two weeks, you’re encouraged to create a backup plan in the event that DCU experiences more downtime than they anticipated. 



From now and until after the rollout, DCU will likely experience an influx of inquiries about the new platform and outage of payment and transfer services. Do keep that in mind when reaching out to them, and plan accordingly. 


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