How to get free Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion FICO scores

There are countless sites offering you free access to your credit scores. The companies that do offer continued free access to your scores are undoubtedly just providing you with your Vantage scores, which differ from FICO scores in their calculation methods and, consequently, the resulting scores. Most importantly, FICO scores are what most lenders (roughly 90%) use.


It’s not uncommon for financial institutions to provide customers with access to certain FICO scores. They will usually provide access to the FICO score that they use. While most banks and credit unions provide you with your FICO score on a monthly basis, some may provide it quarterly.


By adding Experian’s CreditWorks Premium service to your toolkit, you could access more FICO scores. With CreditWorks Premium, you can see your new Experian FICO 8 score and different versions of your Experian FICO score each day. During your trial, you can also request a 3-Bureau credit report, which provides you with your credit report and FICO 8 score for Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. This is all available for free during a 7-day CreditWorks Premium trial that Experian will invite you to sign up for after your trial ends each week.


Bear in mind that there are many versions of FICO scores and your score for any particular version can vary between the three different credit bureaus. It’s also important to remember that different companies use different scores. If you’re tracking your score because a company requires you to have a certain score, be sure to ask which credit bureau and FICO score they use so that you’re tracking the right score. 


Between the free FICO scores offered by your financial institutions and Experian, there will hopefully be no need for you to pay for your FICO scores. 


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