Plynk, Fidelity’s investment app for beginners

Plynk is a mobile investment app owned by Fidelity. Don’t expect any frills with Plynk. It’s a basic app that lets users buy whole or fractional shares, mutual funds, and crypto.


The simplicity of the app may be intentional as Plynk’s About page says that the mission of the app’s creators was “to build an app that’s easy to use, understand and enjoy.” The brains behind the app call it “a new investing app for beginners that uncomplicates the complicated to deliver a more intuitive investing experience.”


At first glance, Plynk offers what appears to be a credit card gamer’s dream come true.




A new source to liquidate gift cards. Unfortunately, you can only liquidate store gift cards, not Visa, Mastercard, or American Express gift cards. To add to your disappointment, the gift cards are exchanged through CardCash, which is a service that is already publicly available for anyone to use.


The company has a dedicated page that lists all of their promotions, which they seem to regularly offer. There are currently three promotions that Plynk customers can take advantage of: The $50 Promotion, The Recurring Deposit Match Promotion, and the $10 sign-up bonus. 


The $50 Promotion and Recurring Deposit Match promotions are both only available for a limited time, from March 9, 2023 to March 18, 2023. There’s currently no end date listed for Plynk’s $10 Sign-Up Bonus.


To receive the $50 Promotion customers to make their first ever account link to Plynk and make a Net Deposit of at least $25. 


For the Recurring Net Deposits promotion, customers can receive up to $100 after making two consecutive Recurring Net Deposits that are at least $10 each. Plynk will match the second deposit. The promotion appears to be available for existing customers and customers who received the recent Deposit Match bonus, which paid up to $100.


Plynk’s $10 Sign-Up bonus offer is available to new Plynk customers who sign up and link a bank account.


New Plynk customers can also earn $25 by signing up for Plynk through Swagbucks, and $33.33 for signing up through MyPoints.


Plynk’s fee schedule references a $2 monthly fee, which is currently being waived.


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