Capital One’s “Offers and Upgrades” page doesn’t display all of your offers

Capital One recently made some changes that, at first glance, appeared to be a great addition as it displays balance transfer (BT) offers for multiple credit cards all on one page.


However, the page, is not what it appears to be. The link to access the page is described as “Offers and Upgrades”. I have balance transfer offers for each of my Capital One credit cards, and I also have an upgrade offer for one of the cards. But, my “Offers and Upgrades” page doesn’t list one of the balance transfer offers. The card upgrade offer is also not listed. So, I wouldn’t call this a true “offers and upgrades” page.


But, the page isn’t completely useless, at least not for people who have at least one balance transfer offer displayed. If you have multiple Capital One cards, if you see one balance transfer offer listed, you can just visit the other credit cards separately to check for balance transfer offers. So, the page might save you a few clicks. But, if you have just a few cards, it may be just as quick to just click the “Transfer a Balance” link for each of your cards. 


How to view your Capital One credit card balance transfer offers

  • Click the “I Want To” link.
  • Navigate to the “Offers and Upgrades” section.
  • Click the “Transfer a Balance” link.


How to view your Capital One credit card upgrade offers

  • Access your account in a browser.
  • Navigate to a card.
  • Add /productupgrade to the end of the URL so that it changes from to

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