DCU continues its yearly fee-free 0% APR balance transfer offer

Each year, beginning in January, Digital Federal Credit Union offers its members what is possibly one of the best balance transfer deals. While 0% balance transfer offers are quite common in the credit card world, DCU’s $0 balance transfer fee is what makes their offer appealing.


Financial institutions typically charge 3%-5% for balance transfers. Depending on the amount that you transfer, the fees can be hundreds of dollars, making the so-called 0% APR balance transfer offer not so appealing. In fact, a one-year 0% APR balance transfer offer that has a 3% transfer fee would actually cost you more than a credit card with a 3% APR.


Members with at least $500 in available credit on their credit card received an email with the offer details. DCU informed us that members who did not receive the email are still eligible for the special rate. The promotion is now available to the public through dcu.org/balancetransferpromo.


Another highlight of DCU’s balance transfer offer is that DCU typically processes balance transfers very quickly. It’s not uncommon for transfers to be approved the same day and the creditor paid the next day.


To take advantage of the offer, the balance transfer must be initiated via the balance transfer tool in the member portal at https://app.dcu.org/dcu/balancetransfer by February 28, 2023. Multiple transfers are allowed.


If you’re not a member of DCU, you can join through our referral link (https://refer.dcu.org/dcu/oard/default.aspx?referrer=6j5k-5xph) and receive $100 for completing one of the following activities:

  • Open a DCU checking account and add qualifying direct deposit. Qualifying direct deposit is a recurring electronic credit of your payroll, retirement, social security, or other recurring monthly income in the amount of at least $500.00 per calendar month. (Social Security is exempt from the $500 per calendar month minimum).
  • Open a DCU checking account and complete at least 5 qualifying transactions. Qualifying transactions include debit/credit card transactions, ACH transfers, Point of Sale (POS) transactions, bill pay payments, balance transfers to your DCU Visa Credit Card, and Pay a Person transactions. The 5 qualifying transactions must post and clear your DCU account within the same calendar month.
  • Open a vehicle, RV, boat, or mobility loan (purchase or refinance)

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