Important tips to consider when paying your Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) credit card bill

Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) allows customers various ways to pay their DCU credit card. It’s important to note the differences between using the “One-Time Payment” and “Transfer Money” options.


While both methods will successfully apply a payment to the member’s credit card, both methods have different cut-off times, which could result in your payment not being applied as promptly as you had expected. For both methods, though, it’s important to note the time zone that DCU is in, which is the Eastern. 


When paying your DCU credit card using the “One-Time Payment” method, DCU applies your payment in real-time. So, if you make your payment at 11 p.m. ET, your payment will be reflected as 11:00 p.m. ET. The transaction ledger will include the payment time. On the weekends, payments are not applied in real-time and the transaction will not post until the following business day, which will not necessarily be on Monday. If Monday is a holiday, the transaction will post on the following day.


When using the “Transfer Money” method to pay your DCU credit card, the transfer is posted in real time. However, the cutoff to transfer funds the same day is 9 p.m. ET. for internal transfers and 4 p.m. ET for external transfers. However, DCU does note that even after the cutoff time, funds transferred internally could be processed immediately.


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