What happened to creditscorecard.com?

Creditscorecard.com currently redirects visitors to a Discover.com page. Discover offered a free credit monitoring service through Creditscorecard.com. The service was available to the public and was discontinued in June of 2022.


While Creditscorecard.com was in operation, Discover also offered a very similar credit monitoring service to its credit card customers. That service is still available to Discover credit cardholders.


Both Creditscorecard.com and the service restricted to Discover customers allowed users to track their real credit score (FICO) each month. The only difference between the two services is that the Experian FICO 8 was available through Creditscorecard.com and the Transunion FICO 8 score was available Discover credit cardholders.


Discover customers can access their Transunion FICO 8 in a number of ways. The score is provided on each statement. The FICO score is also accessible through three different areas in the Discover customer portal. Although the three methods have different URLs, the content on the pages are identical, with the exception of the second method, which has a top navigation menu that is identical to the credit card portal.


The landing page of the Discover account portal

Log into your Discover account and scroll to the bottom.

Click on “FICO® Credit Scorecard”, which may be visible in the “Additional Products” section.

The link redirects to: https://portal.discover.com/customersvcs/ficoscore/score/showUniversalScore


The landing page of the Discover credit card account

Log into your Discover account.

Click on a credit card.

Click “View your FICO® Credit Scorecard”, which is located below the greeting.

The link redirects to: https://portal.discover.com/customersvcs/ficoscore/score/showCardScore


The top navigation menu of the Discover credit card account

Log into your Discover account.

Click on a credit card.

In the top navigation menu, select “Activity”, and then select “View FICO Credit Scorecard”.

The link redirects to: https://portal.discover.com/customersvcs/ficoscore/score/showScore


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