How to change your credit card due date

Changing your credit card due date can helpful tool if you’re budgeting, taking advantage of credit card float, or just looking to make the bill payment process easier. 



Changing your credit card due date with Capital One

Capital One makes it fairly easy for customers to change their due date. You don’t need to call, although if you do, the rep will help you change your date.



However, if you’re do-it-yourselfer, you can easily change your Capital One credit card’s due date with just a few clicks. Once you’re on the site and you’ve navigated to the specific card that you’d like to change the due date for, you can access the due date page in a number of ways. 


Modifying the URL

Copy/paste the below line to the end of the URL: /ChangeDueDate



So, would become



Accessing the page

From the credit card’s landing page, click the “I Want To” link, which will bring up a window of menu options. Under Payments, click “Change Payment Due Date”.



Ask Eno

You can ask Eno how to change your due date. Eno is the Capital One virtual assistant and is accessible by clicking the “Need help” link in the top right corner of the page.


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