T-Mobile to restrict its $5 AutoPay discount to payments made with a debit card or checking account

T-Mobile customers who set up AutoPay are currently able to receive a $5 monthly discount for each line. The carrier confirmed that that in May of 2023, customers will only qualify for the AutoPay discount if their autopayment is made a debit card or checking account.


Customers should not wait until the last minute to update their autopay info. Some companies start processing autopayments before the scheduled payment date. For example, if your autopay is scheduled for the 10th of each month, the company may start processing the payment on the 8th day of each month by making a note of your preferred payment method. That info is then used to process your payment on the 10th. So, if you change your payment method after they’ve captured your payment details for that month, the autopayment may not be made with your updated payment details. ensure that you receive your autopay discount, be sure to update your payment method to a debit card or checking account well before credit cards are restricted from the discount program.


T-Mobile informed us that affected customers will be notified 30 days before the change to the AutoPay discount program takes place. 


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